The Florida Military Financial Alliance was founded in 2015 with the goal of bringing together all of the government agencies and private organizations who work with Service Members and Veterans in Florida to help them succeed. The mission is to provide a single resource that military families can access to find a full range of financial assistance and free resources.

It’s our belief that with the right financial help and relief assistance, Service Members, Veterans and military families can be better equipped to address the financial challenges that they face.

The Florida Military Financial Alliance is made up of various financial institutions, professional associations, educational enterprises and nonprofit organizations who are working together to raise awareness, while providing tools that help improve financial readiness.

Meet the Alliance Partners

The Florida Military Financial Alliance works with financial institutions, nonprofit organizations and professional associations that are approved by the Department of Defense. This ensures we provide the best and widest ranges of free resources and education materials to military families in need.

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Contact Us for Questions and New Partnerships

Helping military families and Veterans find financial success is definitely not a one-man or even one-organization job! We’re constantly on the lookout for new partners who can help us provide financial resources that give Florida Service Members and Veterans the leg-up they need.

We also encourage anyone who has questions or needs additional assistance to contact us anytime for help.

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