Let’s be honest, financial stability can be tough to achieve and maintain. That’s especially true given the unique challenges faced by military families and Veterans. People often end up living paycheck to paycheck because they don’t know how to overcome challenges with income, debt and credit. In many cases, families simply don’t know about solutions that could help them get to a better place.

That’s where KOFE comes in. The Florida Military Financial Alliance has proudly partnered with Consolidated Credit to bring the unique KOFE platform to Service Members, Veterans and their families.

What is KOFE?

KOFE stands for Knowledge of Financial Education. It’s an interactive online platform that combines free financial education resources with one-on-one financial coaching. This combination allows users to build an effective knowledge base so they can make smarter financial choices.

As Consolidated Credit’s President Gary Herman says, “Without education, financial stability is just a dream.”

KOFE helps users fill critical gaps in financial literacy that often lead families into financial distress. Users also get free access to certified credit and housing counselors. So, when you encounter a financial challenge, you can get an expert perspective on your best path forward.

How to use KOFE

KOFE is free to use when you go through the Florida Military Financial Alliance. Simply click the banner below to get to FLMFA’s KOFE portal. From there you can create your account and get started with the resources available through the KOFE portal. First time users will be required to enter a registration code: flmfa.

Expand Your Financial Knowledge with KOFE!

Once you’re inside the KOFE portal, you have a few ways to contact a financial coach. You can call the KOFE hotline, schedule an appointment for a coach to call you, or use the Live Chat.

What resources are available through KOFE?

KOFE provides a range of free resources designed to help improve financial education, no matter your preferred learning style. Through the portal you can access:

  • More than 50 financial education videos
  • Over 30 publications, available in both English and Spanish
  • 50+ infographics that explain financial concepts visually
  • 2 interactive financial education courses:
    • KOFE Break Finance walks you step by step through key financial processes
    • Credit Dojo helps you master a variety of core topics, from budgeting to debt management
  • KOFE Talk podcasts that explain key money matters in an engaging, informal way
  • Free webinars offered by Consolidated Credit’s certified financial education team

Financial coaching helps you get ahead of challenges

The financial landscape is complex and people often don’t know everything about a topic until they encounter a problem. Then, it’s often up to them to do the right research to identify the appropriate solution.

Financial coaching gives you a fast track to the answers you need. A certified financial coach is well-versed across a broad spectrum of key issues. They know:

  1. How to solve issues with your credit and credit report
  2. How to overcome challenges with different types of debt, from student loans to credit card debt
  3. How to retain your home if you’re facing foreclosure
  4. How to access equity safely without putting your home at risk
  5. How to set a budget that works for you with minimal legwork

You can call, email or chat with a coach to answer any financial question you may have. Then the coach can connect you with additional resources so you can learn more.